Netflix apology on YouTube

In spirit of the Netflix company releasing their statement of apology to users for causing a lot of confusion with the new changes, I recorded my own explanation while acting as a spokesperson for Netflix.

Because I was on a very short time constraint the video did not turn out as well as I would have hoped but it was a great learning experience.

In my video I did include a short apology towards the end. I felt that the primary focus on this statement did not need to be on the apology but the fact that Netflix has decided not to change their system and letting the people know that their complaints were heard.

I attempted to make my tone sincere though I was not too successful because I was feeling rushed. I wanted to take a different approach from the apology from the actual Netflix employees and actually talk with the viewers instead of talking at them. While watching the Netflix video I felt as if the spokespeople were talking down to me and it became frustrating towards the end.

I left out the part about Netflix claiming that they are done with price increases forever. I feel that this statement could not possibly be true and I did not want to give false hope to any of the customers.

My explanation was kept short and simple and just wanted to tell Netflix users that the changes are done and that the company will no longer be split in half. This decision came from the complaints received about the new changes announced a few months ago.

Obviously if I had more time my message would have been better and I wouldn’t have appeared as nervous and rushed. I became extremely nervous when my group members were standing there holding the camera and watching me the whole time. Money wouldn’t really be an issue because I would want the setting of my video to put the viewer at ease and not making them feel uncomfortable if I were to be in a suit and sitting in my office.

If I were to repeat this exercise I would try and make my eye contact better. Looking people in the eye while apologizing and explaining something is very important to get the message across.


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