Mobile Apps

One news organization that has created an exceptional mobile app for the iPad is CNN. This app offers a fast way to deliver news for young people on the go. The homepage offers a visually appealing set up of the day’s headlines that is easy to scroll through and cleanly organized. There are tabs for the user to choose between either the top stories, featured stories, or streamed video. There is also a place to watch what is playing on CNN live.

This app offers a way for people to build a profile which allows them to save stories, view reading history, or state their preference for US news or international news. A feature that is extremely useful is a way for users to share a specific story or video to Facebook, Twitter, or email it. Having this feature is extremely important for the young generation that is using the iPad. It is also extremely easy to leave a comment either through Facebook or CNN on a news story.

Another great feature of this app is that when a user is on a specific news story to get to the next one all they need to do is swipe to the left and the next one will come up. I find this useful because I do not like having to keep clicking back to get to the next story. This also keeps the user clicking while on the app. There is also a row of stories on the bottom of each story that forces the user to keep clicking on the app and not close it out.

A brand that has a mobile app is Central Michigan University. This app is called CMU Connect. This app allows students and faculty to explore the news and events that are going on at the university. It offers a page for news stories, a calendar of events that are happening each day.

This app is useful in theory but I feel that it needs a lot of work. There are minimal updates to the news stories per day. The events page seems to be fine but I have never seen this app updated in the three years I’ve been here. I think that they need to advertise this app more and the features that it has.

As a CMU student I feel that this app does not particularly draw me because it does not offer me anything that I cannot already get on the internet. More interactive and personalized features is a must. Facebook and Twitter should also be utilized in this app because it is the main way that students in college communicate with one another. An easy way to connect with CM Life would also be a good idea.

It’s great that Central is trying to reach out to students by creating a mobile app but it needs to be updated more and be catered to the students on a better level. While there is already an app for the dorm cafeterias a place to click that would also be a good idea to see what is on the menu each day. Connecting with the athletics department to get updated scores for any game going on.


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