Legends of the Dark

The SCVNGR trek that my group and I created can be used by either Central Michigan University or the ghost tour that goes around campus, Legends of the Dark.

Though Legends of the Dark already has a tour with a live person speaking, this can allow students to become aware of the brand if they are unable to attend the tour. If they were to make all of the known ghost stories into one big trek they could create a competition for students and offer prizes for the winners. Each year the challenges could be different for a change of pace. Personally, I would feel more motivated to attend this tour if there was a competition and prizes involved.

CMU should also take advantage of the SCVNGR tool and build treks for incoming freshmen. These challenges could offer them a chance to learn the names of the buildings and a little bit about the history of the university. The winners could also be given prizes at the end. One possible day for this to take place is CMU and You day. This trek will help the brand of CMU by helping prospective students become aware of the campus and what the university has to offer.



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