Paranormal Act-CHIP-ity.

Our group decided to take advantage of the upcoming Halloween season by using the ghost stories on Central’s campus and creating a SCVNGR trek titled, Paranormal Act-CHIP-ity. My group members were Danny Goodwin and Ellen Trudell.

The first task required of the participants is to go to Warriner Hall’s main entrance and find a QR code to scan. This task coincides with the ghost story of Theresa Elizabeth Schumacher who was accidentally killed in the elevator of Warriner Hall. Now, she is said to haunt the building, appearing at random to those who stop by after dark. By scanning this code the person will be directed to an article written in CM-Life about the ghost that died in the elevator shaft in Warriner Hall.

The second task takes the participants to the seal by Warriner Hall. The story says that in the 1950’s, a woman waiting on the love of her life to pick her up from Warriner Seal froze to death in the blistering cold before he could arrive. People are required submit and take a picture of themselves kissing a loved one in front of the seal.

The third task requires them to head over to Sloan Hall where they can find an upside down cross on the chimney of the building. Participants are required to answer what image they see, this is an open ended response.

The fourth task uses the story of Carolyn. Carolyn Corey was a freshman at CMU who died in her dorm room in Bernard Hall, a residence hall in the 50’s when she died. She now reportedly haunts  CMU’s campus and was once seen in the pond across from the library dressed in all white. This challenge requires people to find another QR code under a picnic bench to see the name “Carolyn.”

The fifth task requires the participants to go to the historical school house that is on the corner of Preston and West Campus street. This school house is allegedly haunted. Here people need to take and submit the “scariest” picture they can think of here. We want people to get creative!


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