How the new Facebook changes will affect brand pages

The past few weeks have meant many aggressive changes for Facebook. They have introduced new feature such as the Ticker which provides users a live feed of everything their friends are doing. The Timeline is in replace of the old Facebook profile which archives a user’s old activity and makes it readily available to them. Facebook has also added the feature of subscribing to a profile. This feature will allow for users to receive updates from a profile without adding them as a friend. These new changes have some people worried about privacy issues but they will have many affects on brand pages.

Facebook is going to focus heavily on building up their apps, this will greatly affect how users will be able to interact with brands. Instead of ‘Liking” pages, users can now say they are “reading,” “watching,” or “listening to” a product. Brands will be able to create their own apps which can allow them to have Facebook users say they are “cooking” or “wearing” a specific product. The “Like” feature has seemed to level off in the past year and it does not seem to get people’s attention as much as it used to. This new focus on apps can significantly help brands promote their product or service in a new way that will intrigue users.

The new Ticker feature provides a constant stream of updates on what friends are doing. The app updates will now appear in the feed saying what friends are eating, watching, listening to, ect. and giving brands more awareness. These activities will show up on a person’s Timeline. The Timeline feature is a way for people to really get a sense of what a person does in their daily life (i.e. what music they listen to, clothes they buy, books they read).

The Ticker could also mean bad news for brands. If a lot of users begin posting songs they are listening to, foods they are cooking, or clothes they are buying it could possibly end up as spam or noise. Posts like these have the potential to seem repetitive or irrelevant to users which can cause them to tune them out. This means that brand will need to think of new ways to make their features engaging for people using or viewing them.


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