Forever Facebook

For this assignment I have chosen the brand Forever 21. This clothing store is able to use the new Facebook changes to interact with consumers. Instead of simply “Liking” the page “Forever 21,” people will now be able to say that they “Wear’ Forever 21.

Each time the user does online shopping at Forever 21’s website they can have the option to connect into Facebook to let their friends know what they recently bought. For example: If I were to buy a sweater from the website my Facebook friends would then know that I recently bought a V-Neck Cardigan from Forever 21. This feature on Facebook will prompt many users to click on the post to view what the article of clothing looks like and will hopefully persuade them to stay on the website and shop.

This app can also give recommendations to a user who has recently purchased or viewed specific clothes from the website. These recommendations can be seen by clicking on the app itself.

If the user wishes, it will be possible for people to say what they are wearing a specific day. There will be some clothing options on the app itself from Forever 21’s collection but more can be seen on their website. All the user has to do is find whatever clothing item they are wearing that day and click a button that says “I am currently wearing this.” Their Facebook friends will then see that they are wearing that particular article of clothing.

Another feature this ab will have is connected to Foursquare and Facebook. If a person is shopping in a Forever 21 store and they check in via Foursquare and have their updates sent to Facebook it will appear that “Jenny Muscat is at 12 Oaks Mall shopping at Forever 21.”

This app will give Forever 21 a great deal of exposure on Facebook. Young adults take recommendations about products from their friends very seriously when deciding to purchase then or not. When Facebook users see that their friends are wearing Forever 21 clothing or shopping at their stores they will then have a more positive idea of this brand in their mind.


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