Charlie Sheen Roast

While watching the Charlie Sheen roast on Comedy Central on Monday night I used the “second screen” function while having Comedy Central’s social media dashboard on the roast open on my laptop. I found this tool useful in some ways and not useful in others.

I took full advantage of live tweeting during the show to get myself in the mindset to write about the experience. I tried to use the feature on the dashboard that allowed me to send a tweet directly from a text box but I got frustrated with the fact that it always included a link to Comedy Central’s website which cut down on the amount of characters I could use. I just found it easier to use Twitter to tweet.

While tweeting I wanted to mention the roasters in my tweets but forgot to follow them ahead of time. I really appreciated the fact that the dashboard included a place for all of the roaster’s individual Twitter accounts and a place to click to follow them, such as Amy Schumer’s. I also really liked the feature of showing all of the tweets that had the hash tag of #SheenRoast on the bottom of the page. It gave me the opertunity to look at what other people were saying about the roast.

I was under the impression that the video screen on the top left corner would be footage of Charlie Sheen throughout the whole roast. On my dashboard though, it just had a continuous promo for the pre-show. I’m not sure if I had misleading information or if there was a glitch but I was kind of disappointed that this feature was not there.

I also wish that the dashboard had more things to click on while I was watching. I know that they did not want to distract the viewers too much from the show but during the commercial breaks I was looking for something to look at other than the tweets and I was kind of at a loss. I think that they should have had different videos from the audience or the pre-show playing while the commercial breaks were happening.

All in all I enjoyed the experience of being involved with social media during this show. I’m glad that Comedy Central had the hash tag of #SheenRoast promoted weeks before it aired because when the show started I was all ready to start tweeting and there was no confusion (coughJobsNowFailcough).


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