Never forget.

My vision blurred as I scrolled through the pictures displaying the rise and fall of the Twin Towers in the New York Times’ “The Reckoning” 9/11 ten year anniversary tribute. This project allowed readers to read a variety of articles related to the events of 9/11 and what is occurring ten years after the tragedy.

The first part of the project includes articles on how the country has evolved these past ten years. One article, In Love with Death, discussed how America as a country briefly came together and behaved as one solid country. Reading this article helped me remember how people acted towards one another after the attacks.

This project allowed readers to interact  with one another socially by having a space for people to post where they were and what they were doing when the planes first crashed. Reading the responses from people made me wish that I was older when this occurred and that I fully understood what was happening. I was only ten years old on 9/11 and all that I knew was that a plane crash happened in New York and that a lot of people died or were hurt. Reading people’s stories and looking at photographs still help educate me on what actually happened that day.

This project was extremely well done and paid an excellent tribute to the lives lost on this fateful day in history. The project also pays tribute to the war and a personal account on someone’s thoughts on the war. There was also an interactive place for people to leave their thoughts on the war.

We sometimes can forget how many people this tragedy effected. The remembrance section included a touching article about a boy who’s father was killed in the attacks. This boy had to deal with loss at a very young age but deals with it by pushing himself to be the best that he can in school for his father.

I especially enjoyed watching the videos about the plans on what to do with the ground zero space. I visited New York City in 2007 and remember that ground zero looked similar to a construction zone. There were some memorials but the plans that are in store for the space seems like it will truly pay tribute to the lives lost in the terrorist attacks.

This project did a wonderful job of pulling everything related to the attacks together. There was a great deal of information and it would be very difficult to read everything wrote and to anyone reading there were many different categories available. I am glad that after ten years the world hasn’t forgotten what happened to America on September 11, 2001.


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