Tweeting live from Moore 108

I’ll be honest. When I first heard that we would be live tweeting on Obama’s American Jobs Act address I inwardly groaned. Though to my surprise I actually enjoyed the activity. I have had a Twitter for about six months now but never really got into the habit of tweeting regularly. By doing this exercise in class really helped give me confidence in using Twitter.

While tweeting during the speech I found it hard to pick apart the important parts, form them into a tweet, and consistently pay attention to what Obama was saying. Though it was fast paced, I feel that  our class seemed to cover the event pretty well. I found it interesting to go back and look at my classmate’s thoughts on the speech and see how diverse our opinions are from one another. Some entries were supportive  while others were argumentative.

One thing that was extremely helpful were the graphics displayed on the side of the screen during the live streaming. Being a visual learner, I need to see numbers and statistics represented in a graphic format so it helped the messages stick more.

I was disappointed in the White House for taking so long to announce the hash tag #JobsNow. It wasn’t until the speech was almost over that I was able to start using it in my tweets. In today’s society this was a major mistake. Twitter is a vital tool in understanding public opinion. If the hash tag was a trending topic even before the speech started more people would have definitely been aware that the President was speaking and what it was about.

All in all I really enjoyed this experience. I do not feel as strange tweeting because of my lack of followers anymore and have significantly increased my tweet index just within a week of this activity.



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