Assignment 1: Social media definitions and experiences

Social media can be described as an interactive way for people or organizations to connect with one another through different forms of technology. The concept of social media has become a phenomenon of this generation and will forever change the way people communicate with one another. Social networking sites are highly personalized and let the user choose what he or she wishes others to view.

Companies and organizations have begun using social media to reach out to the public and build stronger brands. This is an extremely successful way to get the attention of the public through posting updates and special offers online. Social media sites are also an important tool to gage what the public is feeling about an organization or specific product or service.

I would say that I am fairly experienced with using social media. As most people would probably say, I am the most familiar with Facebook it is more of my social media “comfort zone.” It’s where I have the most friends so I feel more inclined to post things on there. I joined Twitter a few months ago and I am still figuring everything out on there. Tweeting is more of a challenge for me because of my lack of followers. I have also been using Tumblr a lot more recently. I use Tumblr to write posts that are more personal to me because I do not have many followers that I know in real life. I have a Google+ account and use it occasionally but I am still growing accustomed to it and I do not have many friends on it yet so the incentive to post is low.

Through this class I hope to gain more knowledge about blogging. I hope to have a blog eventually in which I can regularly write posts. It seems to be a challenge for me to sit down and write out long posts because I am a perfectionist and also have a short attention span.  I also want to learn more about LinkedIn. I’ve never attempted to use this site and I’d like to learn the best ways to make contacts that can help me in my future career.



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